Our mission is to provide a professional solution of agriculture and weather based on modern technology background, to forecast the weather accurately. This activity will help to minimize the negative

impact of climate change in the Vietnam economy and human life.

hop tac agrimedia và VAAS

AgriMedia signs MoU withVAAS in 2016


AgriMedia is ambitious to be a top-ranking enterprise of Vietnam to supply weather & agriculture solution and contribute real value to the community in the context of Vietnam being hit by the negative effects of climate change. The natural disasters occur continuously in the seasons of the year, throughout the whole country with high intensity and wide range.

Our mission is a foundation for our development in a long-term and a guideline for all of our business.

Personnel: our staff is the most valuable assets of our company. Personal development is our matter of life and death. We endeavor to build a professional, friendly and fair working environment where

each employee is inspired to bring into play aptitude and ability in our tasks.

Customers: Customer’s trust is a deciding factor in our success. For that reason, customers are our first priority in all of our activity and business decision.

Product: AgriMedia researches and develops agriculture & weather solutions based on state-of-the-art technology to help minimize damage from natural disasters and climate change to Vietnamese

people and contribute to the community development.

Social responsibility: Besides making profit, AgriMedia is especially interested in supporting our community through charitable activities to poor people in highland provinces in Vietnam. We also offer

scholarship for outstanding students in some of the universities we have cooperated.